May 14, 2004

In other news...

My day was a pretty average one (remembered my spoon but forgot my Sanskrit book, was brilliantly efficient and telephonically brave at work and wished someone would notice, declined beer and tortilla chips with the office in favor of sundried tomatoes and crosswords at my desk, found out good news for camping trips but made myself late for lunch by hanging around to find it out), until I got home and checked my email.

Our Canadian roommate, whose employer sent him to Germany earlier this week for a trade show, discovered at some point after arriving that he wasn't supposed to leave the U.S. on his visa. He discovered this by having said visa confiscated and torn up as he watched with, I can only imagine, mouth agape. In order to come back here, he has to reapply for his visa. In order to do that, he needs assorted college and work paperwork.

The paperwork is currently in Berkeley.

He's currently in Ireland.

I'm no end of amused by this. It's totally turned my day around from mundane to hilarious and surreal. Best of all, it's not me to whom it's happening! I get all the amusement value of hilarious travel and immigration mishaps, with none of the being stuck in places I hadn't intended to stay! Karma's a bitch, I know, but sometimes the misfortunes of others really are delightful. Anyway, I have every intention of helping reunite him with his paperwork and visa. Perhaps that will save me from eternal damnation.

Posted by dianna at May 14, 2004 07:27 PM

in japan now if you overstay your visa even by one day you're arrested at the airport and detained and then you're not allowed to return to japan for 5 years (i think it's 5). it's crazy. people are being all cracking down and going, grrr.

Posted by: michele at May 17, 2004 09:32 AM