June 04, 2004

I need a damn camera here.

I got up a moment ago to ask the nearest architect a question. I was leaning through the window in the partition between our desks, resting my arms gently on the window sill, when he glanced at my left wrist and I suddenly remembered what I was wearing there.

You see, yesterday we got an order from Office Depot that seemed to be missing some mini binder clips. I called, like any sensible person who's spent a good 50 cents on a product which hasn't been received, to let them know that the clips hadn't arrived and to ask them to send more. This morning, one of the architects picked up a stack of folders and the missing clips fell out-- this was about 10 minutes after Office Depot had apologetically delivered replacement clips. So we now have 48 of the stupid things, which is more than I think we'll need in a month.

Okay, look, I felt the need to use them up, all right? And the body of each one links very nicely over the arm of the next one; if you make a chain of 12 of them they curl all the way around into a remarkably stable, flexible circle about 7 inches in circumference.

It could have happened to anyone.

Posted by dianna at June 4, 2004 10:05 AM

Why is it that all the best posts get the fewest comments? I don't really have any useful input, but I thought that someone ought to say something. I enjoyed everything about your vignette. Except the fact that there was no picture of your coworker's expression upon seeing your wrist (framed as if shot through your eyes, with both arms resting on the sill in the foreground and his undubtedly perplexed face in the background).

You know what you need? Mind powered amera-vision eye implants wired to a compactflash card input on your hip. And, of course, a compactflash card on which to record your images (preferably at least 128 meg).

Posted by: Chris at June 5, 2004 10:16 PM


Posted by: kati at June 6, 2004 01:17 AM