July 12, 2004

From the Denotation-Versus-Connotation Files

I just found an advertising postcard in today's stack of mail. We get these all the time, and for good reason; any company that can talk us into putting their products in one of our projects has just made a massively good sale for itself and earned back the cost of the fancy color postcards a thousand times over. This particular company is trying to sell us on some lovely window films for safety, aesthetic effect and thermal control. They've showcased a few products in particular on the postcard, with brief descriptions of their fantastic qualities. Scotchtint Solar Control Film, for instance, reduces solar gain and winter heat loss. Then we get to Scotchshield Ultra Security Film.

"Contains broken glass for safety and security!" the postcard enthuses. I stared at it in sheer disbelief for several minutes before realizing that this was meant to describe the product's function, rather than its ingredients. Now--improved! With aloe for moisturizing action, and broken glass for safety and security! Buy yours today.

Posted by dianna at July 12, 2004 02:19 PM