July 20, 2004

I can resist anything except temptation.

It's now 20 days into July, and my landlord hasn't deposited my rent check yet. I asked him at the beginning of the month to hold it until my paycheck cleared my bank, which sometimes takes a couple of days. I think I suggested the 6th as a good time to deposit it; he was fine with that.

Given the elapsed time, I now suspect that he set it aside somewhere and forgot about it. It's messing up my financial calculations a little bit; I know that I don't have $750 in my checking account no matter what my bank thinks, because most of it could get claimed by its rightful owner at any moment. It's a financial will-o'-the-wisp, an illusion that tries to lure me off the safety of the path even as I tell myself firmly that there's nothing out there but swamp and $100 of grocery money.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not enough of a fool to go spending that money; I know it's got alligators in it. The landlord, though--what do I say to him? He should really deposit that check if he's going to, so that my accounts will balance properly. I should call and remind him. But the tiny voice that thinks it saw lights behind those trees and talks about how the snakes are probably dormant at night anyway is pointing out that maybe, just maybe, if nobody reminds him he'll just forget about it and lose the check. And you do need that money to go back to school, Dianna. You could put it all right into your savings account.

Quicksand? There's no quicksand on this side of the swamp. Stop being so paranoid.

Posted by dianna at July 20, 2004 11:05 AM

I rather enjoyed my internet bank. It offered my $1,000 overdraft protection for free. This was enough so that with reasonable balance, I could wait to see the check clear, and then transfer the money in. Brink and mortar joints seem to expect one to pay for these things. It is perhaps one of the features I will miss the most as I begin my transition away from my internet bank.


Posted by: Thomas at July 20, 2004 04:20 PM