November 08, 2004

Being an adult sucks #2578

Emptying your tattoo fund to keep your checking account in the black until your next paycheck, instead of either dipping into your meager savings for school or being happy-go-lucky and overdrawn, is really overrated. This means no fruits, no vegetables, no thorns, no flowers, no tendrils, no leaves, no stems, no vegetable matter of any kind, no words, no snippets, no smirky puns and no winged disembodied body parts for the forseeable future. How did I ever think that $13 an hour for 32.5 hours per week with $600 monthly rent and $900 of credit card debt and $150 monthly commuting costs and aspirations of finishing a degree at the ever-increasingly-expensive University of California at Berkeley was a good deal?

Ay, pobre mio, and I do mean that literally. For those of you doing the math at home for fun, you need a new hobby. If you insist, though, remember to factor in 17% income tax.

Posted by dianna at November 8, 2004 07:04 PM