January 19, 2005

Global terrorism global terrorism global terrorism!

I'm the victim of a widespread conspiracy of Ow. My plan for spending today being nice to my delicate back muscles has been derailed by 1. lateness 2. network failure 3. forgetfulness 4. really actually needing access to that network 5. absence of our one technologically-savvy employee 6. also unfortunately needing stuff at my desk 7. finding a networked computer at the other end of the office 8. still needing that stuff at my desk and being unable to move it and 9. moving myself back and forth instead. Oh, and 10. using a non-ergonomic credenza as a computer desk for the one computer that's actually got everything working.

I report with glee that my back is feeling okay anyway! Silent conspiracy, you will not triumph over me (global terrorism global terrorism global terrorism)!

Sorry about the global terrorism. I'm channeling Rudolph Giuliani.

Posted by dianna at January 19, 2005 12:03 PM