April 21, 2005

One day one day one day one day one day!

In 24 hours I'll be leaving work and getting on MUNI and going to Everlasting to get tattooed. When I get home tomorrow night I'll be the proud and permanent owner of something massive and essentially ineradicable. What? You thought when I said "realistic" I was referring to the style and not my attitude?

I have my bag of lollipops, I have my money, I have my stack of pictures and Photoshops, and now I also have the one essential thing I could never get tattooed without: butterflies. My stomach is very quietly saying "eeeek" and practicing its calisthenics. By 2:00 tomorrow the eeeeks will be louder and as soon as I set foot in the shop my stomach will master somersaults and move on to double aerial flips. There's no way around it. Even when I went in to look at portfolios, knowing full well there wasn't going to be any tattooing happening on me that day, the sound and smell of being in a tattoo shop made me try out for intestinal gymnastics anyway. I didn't make the team, but tomorrow will be another story.

The story will say, Once upon a time there was a tomato, on a stem, and the stem went over a little way to the left and up into a bigger stem and one side split off and had a whole slew of little leaves coming off. Then the other side of the stem went this way and joined another stem with more tomatoes on it, and past that there was some more stem and leaves and then it ran up against this blackberry vine with thorns on it. The blackberry went off the other way but you see, they kept crossing each other and at this one point they looped around and then off on the edges there was this eye, okay, and it had wings and what? It was pretty. You'll see.

Jesus fucking Christ on a pogo stick I'm excited.

Posted by dianna at April 21, 2005 01:49 PM