May 21, 2005

Why yes, thank you, I do live in Berkeley.

I'm having the most fantastic day today. I got on my bike and rode up to the farmer's market, shopped myself silly, lay in the grass in Civic Center Park eating tomatoes and strawberries and pistachios and trying to read The Grim Grotto but not getting very far because of being busy eating, and then biked home.

It's sunny. It's warm. The sky is blue. I'm wearing a tank top and my pants rolled up to my knees, and I'm going to pretend that the latter is because of my bike chain and the former isn't to show off my tattoo. The grass in the park was warm and dry and as soft as municipal-park grass can be reasonably expected to be, and my tomatoes and strawberries were delicious and juicy. I ran into a girl I used to live with at Wilde House, bringing my former-housemate-meeting rate up to one per month over the last three months. I also saw a tiny child in a stroller using his/her mother's Good Vibrations sweatshirt as a sunshade, which made my year.

Things that didn't happen include me getting creamed on my bike, me turning my head to see what was behind me and running into something (a particular fear of mine), me falling off my bike and dropping my asparagus, and me spending more than about $15 for a backpack full of summer squash, broccoli, red onions, the aforementioned asparagus, pistachios, and also the tomatoes and strawberries that were too delicious and fragile not to be eaten right away.

Now I think I need to either garden, or eat lots of chocolate chips and give that book another chance. Bets?

Posted by dianna at May 21, 2005 03:07 PM