May 23, 2006

Exiled from the internet.

The last couple of days have been my blissful period of finals-are-over-I-don't-have-to-leave-my-house, and, accordingly, I've spent them basking in the glow of the internet with occasional breaks to play video games. In so doing, I have discovered exactly how many hours of staring at a luminescent screen it takes to give me a raging headache, bloodshot eyes, and persistent and unpleasant dizziness. It's about 48.

So if anyone wants to know, I'm forbidding myself to sup from the goblet of the internet until I can walk a straight line again. But as soon as that happens, I've got me an irritating religious commenter to address. Watch this space for exciting updates.

Posted by dianna at May 23, 2006 10:45 PM