October 19, 2006

The dark underbelly of the co-op system

I may have neglected to mention one major downside of living in a co-op, one sordid secret that turns the house from a charming and happy community to a den of iniquity and rampant malice.

When one is sitting in one's bedroom a few hours before a midterm, studying prehistoric art and nursing a tepid and frankly boring cup of tea, and one's housemates start making French toast in the kitchen and filling the stairwells with delicious nutmeggy smells, and one ate breakfast at 8:30 and is hungry but trying to get some work done before lunch, it is fucking impossible to maintain any sort of concentration.

I'll just, uh... be downstairs. Um. I need to, uh, take a survey of the pantry for, uh, an anthropology project. Maybe the fridges too. And I should check to see if the ovens are working properly. Won't take a moment.

Posted by dianna at October 19, 2006 11:46 AM