January 08, 2007

Can't speak. Must hyperventilate.

I read Mike Doughty's intriguing and travel-rich blog on a more or less regular basis, but tend to fall behind when he gets back from a tour and posts all at once all the pictures that he's taken in the cities he's visited. At the moment he's just returned from a European tour with stops in Germany and Austria, and the pictures are flowing freely. I've begun attempting to catch up -- it's generally worth scrolling through the mass of streetscapes and foodstuffs to find the odd gem of strangeness, such as a sticker on a lightpole in Vienna reading "fucked by crap".

But that's not the thing about Vienna that has me hyperventilating. Observe: oh my god oh my god it's so tiny and furry it cannot possibly be a real animal! And yet it is. There's another one further down, if I recall correctly. The stubby legs! The oversized head! The droopy belly! The hooves almost invisible under all that fur! I really, really want to touch it. I know in my heart that it's probably boring and prickly and smelly like every other horselike animal in the world, but maybe, just maybe, it's soft and fluffy like a teddy bear and cavorts around like a big dog but when it steps on your toes it doesn't hurt because its feet are so furry, and we can have wonderful adventures together and lay in grassy meadows and it will be FUZZY! Oh my goodness.

Also, if you scroll down through that entry, you will see the aforementioned "fucked by crap" sticker. I'm a really big fan.

Posted by dianna at January 8, 2007 05:46 PM

The sign on it reads "Please help the circus animals through the winter! THANKS!"

Posted by: Zach at January 9, 2007 05:39 AM