January 25, 2007

Ender's game is apparently "Doctor".

As the title suggests, I'm presently reading Ender's Game. Just about everyone I know read it at some point in junior high or high school, and I've finally gotten sick enough of putting my fingers in my ears and humming whenever it's talked about that I've borrowed Jacob's copy and started reading. It's good; I mostly like it. I could quarrel with the writing a little bit, but it neatly avoids a number of the major potholes that books about the future like to fall into. I'm not done yet, so don't say anything about the story or I'll kick you. But a thought does occur to me.

If you're a kid anywhere in or generally around Great Britain, and you get ahold of an American copy of this book and bring it to school, you will be the official Hero-Procurer-of-Dirty-Words for at least a month. Did Orson Scott Card not think too critically about naming his aliens "buggers"?

Posted by dianna at January 25, 2007 10:43 AM