February 12, 2007

How do you sign "screw this"?

Every time I set foot outside lately I get drenched.

Today's forecast of "PM showers" turned out to mean that as soon as it turned lunchtime and I headed home from work, it started raining. And stopped once I was inside eating lunch. And started again at 5:00 when I came home for dinner, and this time poured so hard that I'm drenched everywhere my raincoat doesn't cover. My pants are wet. My underwear is wet. My shoes, socks, and feet are wet. My book bag is soaked. And now it's stopped raining again!

I have to leave in about ten minutes for my ASL class, which is down the hill in downtown Berkeley. What that says to me is, enough of a walk for it to start raining again and re-soak me before I get to class. And then I can sit in my wet, chafey clothes for three hours and wonder how hard it'll be raining at 9:30 when it's time to come home.

The part I have a hard time with is resigning myself to being wet for extended periods of time. My habit of having only one pair of acceptable pants at a time means my options for changing into dry clothes are severely limited. Likewise my shoe collection, which consists of one pair of theoretically good but actually leaky boots and a lot of definitely leaky sneakers. So unless I pull the covers over my head in the morning and refuse to step outside, I'll be damp until it's time for pajamas again.

Wah wah. Please, won't someone think of the clammy, petulant children?

Posted by dianna at February 12, 2007 05:54 PM