April 12, 2007


Because I can't comment on Katie's most recent post until the Cementhorizon comments engine comes back up, and time's a-wastin' while people could be doing more productive things*, I feel compelled to step in and inform the populace about another of the many therapeutic uses of cuteness. Observe.

This is also part of my ongoing study to determine whether there is, in fact, a webcomic link for every occasion. So far, my hypothesis still stands. In fact, research to date suggests rather strongly that at least 95% of human experience can be insightfully commented upon by reference to either Questionable Content or Penny Arcade. The other 5%, well... as my sainted mother used to say**, if it's not fuzzy, why bother talking about it?

*Whether I mean this to say that I'm posting to help people learn about the productive things they should be doing, or to prevent them from doing any productive things they might do in the absence of blog comments to read, I leave up to you to guess.

**I feel certain that I would remember if my mother had ever said anything quite this enigmatic.

Posted by dianna at April 12, 2007 02:45 PM