April 27, 2007

Veggies make you, frankly, mostly sad.

If you put together all, or at least three, of the things that I dearly love and try to make a party incorporating them, you'd probably come up with something approaching tonight's Rock And Roll Ice Cream Social. It's a yearly Kingman party with bands, the ubiquitous kegs, the not-so-ubiquitous root beer kegs, and, yes, ice cream. And it takes place in my house so I can't complain about it being far away or expensive. In order to make me happier about it you'd really have to work in cookies, which are damned difficult to incorporate into a large-scale party. I'm satisfied, anyway, and went so far as to tell several of my housemates that I would forgo my usual festive mood of sulky avoidance and actually be present having a good time.

There's just one thing.

They forgot the soy.

There was a dairy council ad on TV maybe ten years ago involving a fridge full of milk cartons that were absolutely all empty. I think it comes close to capturing my feelings on this matter -- there's something like eighteen gallons of ice cream in my freezer and I can't eat any of it. There's root beer, and I can't make floats. I can't actually even find my single personal pint of Soy Delicious boring vanilla, which is distressing in the context of the party but will also continue to be distressing tomorrow in the cold light of no party at all.

No point here, really. Just killing time before the bands start playing and I have to decide whether they're worth listening to without ice cream. Well, watching, anyway. Since my room is under one of the stages, unless I decide to strike out in search of a quiet coffee shop I'll be listening to them no matter what. Be interesting, guys.

Posted by dianna at April 27, 2007 09:46 PM