June 19, 2007

Hey, little apple blossom, what seems to be the problem?

I've quadrupled my daily tea consumption in the last month, from a single cup in the morning to two before lunch, one after lunch and another before I go home from work. If I were talking about any stimulant at all except tea, you'd all be as alarmed as I am. I suspect that once I make it to the city about which you're all tired of hearing, I'm probably going to throw in the towel and start drinking coffee again. What's that saying -- may as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb? If I'm going to have a caffeine habit it may as well be one that actually wakes me up.

I'm this close --||-- to having a job in said city, working in a department office at a university that I can't identify without using the city name that I've already said so many times I'm not allowed to say it again. But, you know, it's in there somewhere. They've asked me to please not take any other job offers while they sort out the hiring formalities. It's nice to be wanted.

It would be slightly nicer if I were also wanted as a roommate. Serves me right for gloating to everyone about how cheap it is and how many nice places there are for rent; the fact that that is completely true hasn't stopped an amazing number of potential living situations from falling through in the last two weeks. People have been disappearing off the map as soon as I make a move to meet them, dragging their heels and re-posting their ads and refusing to give me a straight answer, and wanting very much for me to live with them someplace completely other than where I want to live.

I walked past a stand-up cardboard Harry Potter in the student store yesterday and noticed that it was sporting a tear-off calendar counting down the days until the release of the Deathly Hallows. 31 days, it barked at me, are you ready? Well, no, not really. By the time I go to pick up my preordered copy at Powell's, I'll have been in Portland for over a week. I'm fully prepared for the book, but the details of the home to which I'll bring it are still somewhat fuzzy.

Every few weeks I write myself a new label for the cup that sits at my desk holding the all-important tea. In the past it's said everything from Magical Elixir to Emergency Caffeine Dosage Device. Yesterday it said Muhhh.....

Today I think it's going to say Roommate Locator Potion. Go, little potion, fetch me my future!

Posted by dianna at June 19, 2007 10:07 AM