July 28, 2007

I'm lame! Wait, I'm cool! No, wait, I'm lame!

Last night being Friday night, and me having an increasing problem of having lived in Portland for two weeks and never gone out anywhere at all ever, I decided to stop clutching my metaphorical pearls about how I don't know anyone here and just go out and do something fun.

So I went to see Harry Potter. By myself.

It's important that you not listen to what my sister has to say about this movie, except for the bit about how awesome Rupert Grint is. Oh man did I love that movie. I think I want to see it again so I can throw popcorn at Professor Umbridge and snicker behind my hand at the utterly perfect plausible deniability of there being anything whatsoever going on between Ron and Hermione. Ahhhh. I didn't get more than a block away from the movie theater before I had to call Katie and enthuse to her voicemail.

It being still only 9:30 at that point, I walked over to see my renting roommate play a gig in the Pearl District. She's a guitarist, banjoteur, and singer of no mean abilities, and she was rocking a deeply hip little cocktail lounge where you can buy an alcoholic bubble tea or a beer with maté in it (see, my green tea and stout experiment was simply ahead of its time and lacking the confidence of extreme pretension). I suppressed my sneering and snickering enough to chat with some of my roommate's friends whom I'd seen around the house, and after the tea bar shut down we went across the river to drink tea-free beer in a dive bar and mock my roommate's terrible luck with girls. It was good fun.

Then I spent today looking at curtains, and tonight I declined to attend a presumably rockin' queer dance party so that I could stay home and cut my hair and brush my cat. I am presently listening to Aerosmith.

Cool and uncool are now succeeding each other so rapidly as the new thing that I for one have lost all track of which one is which. I finally unpacked my bike today because of my roommate's adorable friend's rousing, impassioned, drunken oratory on what the fuck good it is having a bike if you can't ride it, but then I realized that if I start riding it I'll be a bike-riding Portland hipster and I can't remember if that's in right now or not. Also I have to get a helmet, and you see? You try to do something cool and by the time you're done it's all cluttered up with uncool parts.

I love my tiny, hippie, arty, crunchily well-intentioned city. I do think it just may be possible for me to live here.

Posted by dianna at July 28, 2007 11:37 PM