October 02, 2007


I have realized that I am obsessed with bed. I don't precisely mean sleeping and I'm not being euphemistic about sex; I mean bed. The physical location of the bed in the perfect corner of the room, the concatenation of headboards and mattresses and sheets and blankets and cats and pajamas, the experience of snuggling down into same, the window over my head with the view of the sky and the sound of the rain, the process of acquiring and arranging the blankets and pillows and cats and other fluffy things, and the entire quest to make the whole as comfy and harmonious as humanly possible. On Sunday night I took everything off my bed, shook out all my blankets, and spent a half hour building up from a bare mattress to make The Most Attractive And Amazing Total Bed Ever. When I was finished I stepped back and ran my eyes lovingly over the curly wood headboard and the perfect layers of homey afghans and Peanut, curled up in a comfortable interrupting lump between the top afghan and the middle afghan. It was a fucking beautiful sight.

Yesterday I left work early so I could go to Rerun before they closed and finger the stacks of snuggly, well-loved bedcovers. I fingered like nobody's business and finally left under the weight of an enormous fuzzy plaid blanket and a beautiful soft zigzag afghan that it about broke my heart to see for sale. One of the reasons I'm so partial to afghans in my shrine of comfort is that they take
to make. I never realized this when I was a kid and I was awash in baby blankets and afghans from various elderly female relatives. I never stopped to think why all the people making them were retired; it's because they take ages to finish and it may as well be a full-time job. My best homemade afghan has been in progress for, I kid you not, about four years and it still isn't long enough to cover my bed. Granted I've spent months at a time ignoring it, but the point is that a completed afghan is an impressive thing to be treasured and not lightly discarded. So when I see someone else's grandmother's gorgeous zigzag afghan at Rerun I have not only a personal incentive but almost a moral imperative to buy it for 6 dollars and love it forever.

Last night at bedtime I simply stacked the new blankets on top of my old blankets for a total of five layers of warm (not counting the mezzanine, or in this case the flat sheet). I slept like a baby and was dead to the world until 7:15 this morning. I'm thinking about going back for more blankets tonight.

Posted by dianna at October 2, 2007 10:25 AM