December 21, 2007


Still no post about my weekend in Berkeley, and here it is Friday again and I'm hauling self and luggage to Los Angeles. Katie and I have spent the past week second-guessing ourselves about what to do for our parents for the holidays, and it wasn't until I started packing last night that I realized how far we have deviated from the family decision to have no gifts this year. Our no gifts take up as much space as my five days' worth of clothes. I'm probably lucky they didn't crowd my clothes out entirely.

Because of the sneaky way that winter break and the Christmas season happen at the same time, I've had nothing but free time at work and nothing like enough time for anything outside of work. My to-do stacks are shrinking obediently while I sit at my desk and sip tea and listen to VNV Nation (who's around to know?), but then 5:30 comes and I'm dashing to three stores and home to make dinner and puzzle over half-assembled handcrafts and somehow it's midnight before I've managed to do my laundry. My adorable pictures from Berkeley are, of course, on my computer, at home, in the panicky place.

Yesterday morning on the MAX I discovered that I was too sleepy to swallow my tea.

But through my fog I would like to make the following statement of position: we at Snoqualmie do not condone, even in the name of totally catchy electronic music, the haphazard use of the English language. Ronan Harris, I am speaking to you. A fortitude is not a sturdy defensive structure, conceiving to do something is not the same as conceiving of it, and have you read Brave New World? If so, you're obviously operating at a level of ironic sophistication I can't even conceive to understand.

Posted by dianna at December 21, 2007 01:02 PM