December 31, 2007

Hello, moon friend. Let's have a moonversation.

First thought on last night's Feministe get-together: no more Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout for me. I know my alcohol tolerance is a joke, but even so, no single beer begun at 9 pm should make the floor still tippy at 11:30. Stick to a nice ale, Dianna, for god's sake.

Second through fifth thoughts are, roughly, that was fun and not quite as scary as I thought it would be, the internet occasionally provides well-spoken and interesting people who are also well-spoken and interesting in person, the bar at which we met boasts the creepiest bar employee I have ever encountered*, and jesus fucking christ it was cold last night. Five-and-a-half: I left early and wasn't sure what anybody else's transportation plan was, but I hope they were all in nice warm cabs.

Six: it was intriguing, and probably good for me, for my scruffy unstyled annoyed feminist self to meet other annoyed feminist selves and find them to be all sorts of nicely made up and mainstream-ly feminine. And some of them not, of course. But I think I stomped in in my boots and short hair and hoodie and habitual lack of cosmetics expecting to see mirror images of myself, because through the internet everyone looks like the reader, and that was certainly not what I found. There may be an earthshattering realization there about the Rich Tapestry Of Life and/or why everyone with a blog and an opinion is convinced they have their own supportive torch-waving mob behind them, but thanks to Mr. Rasputin I got too little sleep to do it justice today. Maybe tomorrow.

*I'm not kidding. When I asked him (because he was serving tables and might theoretically know) if he knew where the Feministe group was, he giggled and asked if it would be a bunch of lesbians beating each other up. I told him not specifically, no, and that I'd just ask around until I found them. He grabbed my hand while I was consulting my watch to see if it was 9 yet, and then tried to convince me I shouldn't worry about the Feministe folks and should just have a seat, like right here next to the bar. I was relieved when he came by our table later and unnerved everyone else too, because it meant it wasn't just me.

Posted by dianna at December 31, 2007 11:30 AM