March 27, 2008

Poor deluded creature.

I went out last night with my sister's Delightful Former Housemate (DFH for short), who is in town for an obscure classics conference I couldn't possibly comprehend less. We took a stroll through Powell's and then I dragged him across the river for dinner at a place that has probably by now been scientifically proven to be the best restaurant in the world. It's called Nutshell, for the record, although if you ask my sister she will tell you it is called either Nutsack or Sasquatch. No matter.

The thing about Nutshell is that it is a nice restaurant. It's quite nice. It's a lovely space with small attractive tables that have little candles on them, and I was there with someone whose company I find excruciatingly enjoyable. The DFH's title is not an honorarium; he is just exactly as delightful a former housemate as one could hope to find. He's also gay, which is at this point quite well-established and not that difficult to notice. For instance, the story he was telling me about how he managed to re-break his boyfriend's foot in the bathtub was a dead giveaway.

About halfway through dinner I realized this: I was sitting across a small candlelit table from the DFH, demonstrating my tendency when in the presence of delightful people to lean forward and watch them raptly as they relate adorable stories of tragic mishaps. Oh, and the DFH is a nice Southern boy with nice Southern manners who politely refilled my water glass any number of times and invited me to try various parts of his meal. I did so with gusto, because everything was fucking amazingly delicious. So enthralled conversation, sharing of food, refilling of glasses and, indeed, the DFH delightfully paid for my dinner. We looked like a perfectly plausible date if not for the fact that, you know, gay. I imagined the waiters eyeing us and raising eyebrows. That poor girl, they thought. Doesn't she know??? Maybe she's just hoping, you know. He seems like such a nice boy.

I'm sure the bathtub thing was just a, a, friendly misunderstanding, anyway.

Posted by dianna at March 27, 2008 05:22 PM