December 13, 2003

Why do good things never want to stay?

It's done... it's all official. As of yesterday at 4:00 pm, I'm no longer a library employee. As of yesterday at 9:30 pm, I'm qualified to be a bartender. I cleaned out my desk and went to take my final bartending test.

Along the way I baked two loaves of banana bread (from the same delicious recipe as the banana muffins that came to musical filming) and told my co-workers to gorge themselves. They did gorge. They ate giant pieces, moaned orgasmically, went back for more, and demanded that I leave the recipe. Not one person said, "Ew, it's vegan."

At bartending class I was tested on making 12 randomly selected drinks in 5 minutes, and listing the ingredients in 10 more drinks on a written test. I passed with colors that were pretty well airborne and with time to spare. I have a fancy certificate with my name on it, and instructions to come in next week for help with my resume and job placement.

The high point of the day, though? My boss of the last 3.5 years gave me a going-away present. What sort of going-away present does one expect when one leaves a job? A pen? A coffee mug. A cheesy t-shirt maybe? Something with the employer's name on it? Something, in short, that will make you appreciate the sentiment but maybe not the gift itself.

Not for Willyce Kim, these mediocre going-away gifts. Not for her longtime employee and fellow music-and-tattoo-lover. No, in such a case the only possible going-away present is... a Sleater-fucking-Kinney album? HOT GODDAMN!

May I someday have such a cool boss again. That's my most sincere hope.

Posted by dianna at December 13, 2003 02:47 PM