June 24, 2004

Sure, I'm a fascist.

The comments from my last entry have been deleted and further comments have been blocked. I'm not getting into this same discussion again. It was pretty well exhausted, along with my patience, on Carthage last month and I'm not interested in having it all over again on my page.

An ancient Chinese almanac once attempted an organized classification of all the creatures of the known world. Categories used in the classification included:
1. Rabid
2. Belonging to the Emperor
3. That which looks like flies from far away

A classification of human animals by me, along the same lines, would include in part the following categories:
1. Repetitive
2. Belonging to the right wing
3. That which attempts to put words in my mouth or attitudes in my head which I can say with authority do not exist there.

It's everyone's right to be #2 if they so choose, and #1 can be perfectly innocuous by itself, but when people are all three I find myself not very inclined to talk to them.

Posted by dianna at June 24, 2004 07:38 PM