June 24, 2004

No poetry today.

Sometimes I read the news at work and then regret it. A five-minute perusal of CNN.com has just convinced me that the world is falling apart. 90 people killed in Iraq in one day by car bombs and attacks in five cities. Bombings in Turkey. Death threats to the interim Iraqi government. Another beheading. More people from the U.S. and Korea getting handed guns and sent right into the middle of all of it. I don't think there are any good choices here; I mean, do you let the people who already live there get killed, or do you send more people from over here to get killed for them?

And our nation's president is trying to push his own reelection button by talking about his ambitious, multibillion-dollar plan for fighting AIDS in the U.S. and around the world. I'm genuinely glad to hear it. I was feeling slightly better as I read the article, until I got to the end and read that his idea of a life-saving message about sex is not to have any. Abstinence, he says. Go play with dynamite, I say. It's less dangerous than keeping people ignorant about things that threaten their lives and justifying it by some fucking piece of dogma that, your sweet illusions notwithstanding, no one's ever obeyed anyway.

Posted by dianna at June 24, 2004 11:42 AM