August 23, 2004

If I don't come in tomorrow, you better cut that tree down.

It's just almost raining in the city right now; the streets are damp and drops of water shake themselves off the trees now and then. Two people in the office are wearing only black; two people in the office are wearing blue pinstriped pants. I've got my desk to myself again. Somewhere to the east, people are sanding putty and setting stone slabs in the house where Jacob and I will be living by the end of the month. Final inspection on the electrical wiring is tomorrow and on Wednesday we'll be told for certain how soon we can move. I invested last night in a chessboard and a delicious Japanese meal.

Things are looking up. I can expect to have the gloomy, soggy park with its looming leaden skies nearly to myself at lunch, and that only makes things look up all the more.

Posted by dianna at August 23, 2004 11:23 AM

catcatcat is waiting for you! patiently! unlike me!

Posted by: michele at August 23, 2004 02:27 PM

Also unlike me. Never fear, gallant triple feline! We will come for you!

Posted by: Dianna at August 23, 2004 04:02 PM

What park do you eat at?

Posted by: jason s at August 23, 2004 06:40 PM

Dolores Park, choice of discriminating sunbather leather daddies everywhere.

Posted by: Dianna at August 23, 2004 10:15 PM

Except when it's raining, of course, and then it's the choice of discriminating wet leather daddies.

Posted by: Dianna at August 23, 2004 10:16 PM