December 14, 2004

Herbie doesn't like to make toys.

Peanuts. Tofu. Broccoli. It sounds like a stir-fry, but you're not going to stir-fry it so don't even fool yourself. Just take them out of the fridge and eat them raw. Take your vitamin. Drink some water, go put on a sweater, curl up on the couch and take a nap. It doesn't sound like a stir-fry now, does it? Pay your credit card bill so you don't get another late fine. Yes, I mean now. Do it. Re-read a Pratchett book. Put away the candy and chocolate from the office potluck and don't even touch it; you've had enough caffeine and sugar for this week already, and it's only Monday. You have four days of work, then three days of visiting family, then three more days of work, and then you can sleep all day and skip meals and freak out and slouch in your desk chair playing Mah-Jong until it's 2005.

If I'm talking to myself like this, it must be December.

Posted by dianna at December 14, 2004 09:49 AM

Er, Tuesday. Blast this belated-posting habit.

Posted by: Dianna at December 14, 2004 09:52 AM

i made pad thai last night! only mine had chicken and eggs. which came first? ho ho ho.

Posted by: michele at December 14, 2004 10:34 AM

Pad Thai means "free noodles". That's free as in liberated or unfettered, but I prefer to think that it was a dish made to be given away without cost. I think we should all return to the original spirit of the noodles. I'll just be sitting here with my mouth open, waiting.

Posted by: Dianna at December 14, 2004 10:40 AM

I think it's meant as a command, for potical prisoner noodles.

Posted by: jason s at December 14, 2004 05:09 PM

Oh. See, I always thought you had to buy something to get the free Leonard Peltier.

Posted by: Dianna at December 14, 2004 05:41 PM

that's an interesting interpretation of Pad Thai...where did you get that?

'Pad' generally means any type of stir-fry. Thailand does mean land of the free, and according to my mom (who is from Bangkok) they call it Thailand because they never surrendered to the colonialists that were taking over all the other territory surrounding them. the only concession they had to make was they couldn't be called Siam anymore.

but, she told me this ages ago...i should check with her again to make sure i remember correctly.

Posted by: jade at December 18, 2004 07:23 PM