June 04, 2005

I caught a unicorn!

It was a wily one too. It stayed under cover. I think it knew I was there. It led me on a wild-goose chase through the sheltered places where I couldn't follow. When it stopped, I had to be a silent shadow as I waited for my chance to catch it.

Usually catching a unicorn is pretty simple. You throw a trap over it from above, scoop it up, and carry it off. Not so for this one. It was massive; each leg was the size of a lesser unicorn. My traps were barely adequate to contain it, and in the confined spaces where it was hiding I couldn't be sure I wouldn't cut it in half instead of enclosing it whole. In the end I had to hold the trap in front of it and wait, hoping it would enter instead of coming for me. It was nerve-wracking to watch it delicately investigate the mouth of the trap and hesitate to place a foot inside, but finally it entered and I closed the trap with a sigh of relief.

This would all make much more sense if you knew that unicorn is another word for spider.

Posted by dianna at June 4, 2005 11:04 AM

fuck u

Posted by: thep at May 2, 2006 06:11 AM