June 07, 2005

Up on a hill, here's where we begin.

The little scabby lines on my arms from the new outlines are driving my tactile obsession to new heights. I seem to need to run my fingers over them every few minutes. Sometimes it's to gently trace the lines with my fingertips, and sometimes it's to rub back and forth over them for the prickly rough feeling. I even made Jacob touch them last night to see how weird and fun they feel. Hang on, I have to touch this thing, it's prickly.

My office is moving this weekend while I'm in Oregon with Jacob's family. We went en masse to see the new building yesterday. It looks like I have a half-finished floor to myself and no desk, which must be the price I pay for missing the moving process and making other people haul my crap across town. No matter. I ate lunch yesterday on the bleachers of the softball field at Glen Canyon Park and stared out over an altar to quiet sunny greenness. The view was of a scrubby hill instead of the cityscape from Dolores Park, but the grass was lush and there wasn't a soul on it. I can live with that.

Posted by dianna at June 7, 2005 02:43 PM

Dude. Guys? If we want to do park baseball foolishness in the city at some point, Glen Park is where we should go. Not crowded, six blocks from BART and the MUNI J line, and, uh, pretty. Maybe it even has a spinny thing!

Posted by: Dianna at June 7, 2005 02:53 PM

i like it. check it out on an evening and see what the crowd situation is like, dianna-scout.

Posted by: didofoot at June 8, 2005 10:27 AM

golden gate park has one of those spinny things in it and lots of open land. just have to tolerate drum circles (which is no small task for me, personally). dolores is pretty with all the palm trees. congrats on the new tattooing... i'm working on more myself soon.

Posted by: max at June 8, 2005 10:42 AM

I wonder if the spinny thing at Golden Gate Park is like the spinny thing at Pleasant Hill? Is it the kind you can make three people nauseous on at once? I don't know, though, the drum circles might be a deal-breaker for me. Living in Berkeley does that to people.

Every time someone I knew in junior high or high school mentions that they also have tattoo(s), I think about the following: when my mom saw my first tiny tattoos, she strongly suggested to me that the only people who do that are bikers and whores (okay, she didn't use those words, she used the word "lowlife"). I wonder if she'll ever manage to wrap her head around the idea of the good clean dorks of the HGM being tattooed?

Posted by: Dianna at June 8, 2005 01:06 PM

more importantly, is the spinny thing fast/dangerous enough for us to seriously wound michele on it? baseball ain't baseball if michele isn't getting hurt, and i mean that in the lovingest way possible.

Posted by: didofoot at June 8, 2005 01:26 PM

you could get like 5-6 people dizzy on the thing at golden gate park. it's magical. also there are these weird swings that 2 people can sit in opposite each other. they're metal and they feel like a time machine. yeah when i got tattooed my parents stopped paying for my schooling. my senior year of college and living expenses cost me $10,000. yipes. now i'm on my own and i can get whatever i want!

Posted by: max at June 9, 2005 08:47 AM

Gosh, Max, that sounds amazingly familiar. Did you also get the same thing I did, where since you'd been receiving money from your parents until recently you were considered a dependent student and not eligible for any financial aid except loans? I only landed myself $5500 in the hole with that one, but I have another year to go. I might beat you yet.

Posted by: Dianna at June 12, 2005 06:37 PM