February 27, 2007

Ominous mulberry!

Look in your comment queues, Cementhorizon bloggers -- if you're getting the same comment spam that I am, you've got enough inspiration for a lucrative career in surrealist painting. Canadian Knifed, it tells me, Exportation Cubes! Freon Graduates, and apparently it then rides the Emphatic Stagecoach to get some Beans, Circulant. This is almost as good as the eerily appropriate names I used to get in my email, like Vegetable O. Boastful or my beloved Fiscal K. Undependable. Prevail, Supermarkets! Rockabye Occidentalism! But for sheer visual appeal I think nothing beats Gestapo Brocaded.

I'm not sure whether to feel embarrassed for blogging about spam or to feel bad that all of this hilarity still isn't helping the spammers get their messages onto my blog. But it's far too much work to take the porn links and prescription drug ads out of all of these, and, well, I've been filling this blog with drivel for four years and I see no reason to stop now. So this is what you get.

Until later, that is, when I feel like posting one of the more substantive entries I have sitting patiently in Firefox windows on my computer at home. Topics to watch for include: feminist principles and baking cakes for boys, attending fetish-themed parties with one's co-workers, your creepy song lyrics analysis for the week, being too lazy to stop being vegan, and why the far-right Christian modesty craze is kinky as fuck.

Here at Snoqualmie we're all about suspense.

Posted by dianna at February 27, 2007 03:30 PM

I'm not only in suspense, but confused: what could feminist principles possibly have to do with baking cakes for boys? Not to offend, but I feel like you might be taking things a bit farther than reasonable on this one. Maybe you should just chill out sometimes?

Posted by: Lisa at February 27, 2007 09:48 PM

Goddamnit. I'm pretty sure I'm falling prey to your devastating Internet Poker Face. What?

Posted by: Dianna at February 27, 2007 10:23 PM

Understandably so. Because the inclusion of *huge grin* is a bit more optional in the virtual sphere, my Internet Poker Face turns out to be vastly more effective than my Actual Poker Face.

Posted by: Lisa at February 28, 2007 05:21 PM

Indeed. Not only is the grin inevitable in real life, the asterisks make it fairly conspicuous.

But you know what got me? It was the "not to offend". I reasoned that no one who was being inflammatory in the name of sarcasm would use a classic insincere protestation of goodwill. That's beyond sneaky!

All things considered, it's probably too risky for me to try to make fudge tonight. One, I'm unsure I can see the recipe clearly over my petulant pout. And two, there's the not inconsiderable risk that a guy might ask to eat some, and then we'll have to start this whole conversation over again.

Posted by: Dianna at February 28, 2007 06:11 PM