April 08, 2007

Blog, blag, bl'egg.

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon here at Cementhorizon and get all chirpy at you about what a fantastic Easter weekend I'm having. If there isn't already a neatly combined word for blogging while bragging, there needs to be one. Blagging? Brogging? Me, I prefer to blag.

Yesterday, as Michele and Kristen have both gone out of their way to explain, a small crowd of us lay around in the sun in Pleasant Hill Park and ate picnicky foods and drank mimosas out of a cooler. We played terrible baseball and worse badminton and frankly inexcusable egg-tossing and then, our limited energy spent, lay back in the grass watching other people with greater commitments to athletic activity. As afternoon turned into evening the hardiest of us stayed to get whipped in a card game named after my cat, and then dispersed to our respective homes feeling filled to the gills with sugar and sunshine and lazy Saturdayation. I, for one, spent a couple of hours playing with tattoo designs and then curled up in bed with a P.G. Wodehouse book.

I awoke this morning in the kind of generally beautiful mood appropriate to the transition from sleep to cooking, and spent my usual gratifying Sunday morning making oatmeal and pancakes and breakfast stir-fry for my unfailingly appreciative housemates. So benevolent was I feeling that I didn't even complain about cleaning up my cooking mess to leave the kitchen nice for the dinner cooks, and that, given the amount of mess I can make during two hours of cooking, is quite some benevolence.

Most importantly, on my way to work this afternoon, I walked past a generic flower bed on campus and saw, growing nonchalantly among the weeds, a single pale pinkish orchid. Pale pinkish orchids do not generally grow in weedy flower beds in Berkeley, so I backtracked to look again. There it still was, weird little mouthparts sticking out all over the place. A look around showed everyone else in sight going about their business with perfect normalcy... so I stuck out my tongue at the orchid. It returned the gesture regally, and I huffed and hitched up my imaginary skirts and swept off to work trying to hide my unladylike snickering.

On my way home today I'm dropping off my tattoo doodlings with Dan at Industrial Strength. I believe in choosing the artist to fit the work being done, and if one has a vegetarian artist and a leafy green heart that says SOY it's almost a heavenly mandate to combine them. Besides, it's co-op night at Industrial Strength on Friday, and I can't resist the urge to give them good feedback for playing nicely with one of their most enthusiastic and creative customer bases.

So what I'm saying is that this weekend isn't exactly getting any worse here.

Posted by dianna at April 8, 2007 02:30 PM

You have a co-op night there? Please explain.

Posted by: katie at April 8, 2007 05:24 PM

Industrial Strength holds a yearly or perhaps semesterly night where they reopen after-hours and let co-opers come in to get worked on or buy jewelry at discounted rates. I don't know how it got started or who within the USCA negotiates it (possibly some of the health workers?) -- my feeling is that it's a kind of agreement that, whereas, co-opers tend to get body modifications, and whereas, Industrial Strength is a totally trustable shop located closer to the co-ops than any other shop I'd trust more, and whereas, we provide them a respectable volume of business anyway but especially when they go out of their way to invite us, it's to their benefit to set aside a time to invite us en masse (or semi-masse).

Um. I may know more after Friday. And I might have known more after going in today if not for the fact that they were closed, as was everything else anywhere, because I forgot it was fucking Easter. Jesus, why you gotta be such a punk?

Posted by: Dianna at April 8, 2007 06:28 PM