September 10, 2007

Holy fuck! the name of the band that played last night before Wolf Parade. My companions and I watched them with some skepticism initially, because there's just something about six weird, lanky, geeky dudes bent double over racks of synthesizers and obsolete keyboards, flailing and jerking spasmodically in time to the bizarrely compelling electronic music they're making... that is almost as weird as the structure of this sentence. We put on our best unconvinced-audience faces. We mocked their name. Then we all said it several times with complete sincerity over the course of the performance.

Today I speak to you of the following fact: this weekend I rode 36 miles on my bicycle just to go to concerts. That's not counting miles to the grocery store or miles to work this morning, thank you very much. Holy fuck indeed.

Posted by dianna at September 10, 2007 10:57 AM

This sounds pretty much exactly like the way the love affair with a little band called Murder by Death began. Have you listened to the no-longer-new album yet? "Boy Decide" is a great yell-along song, and there's a rousing sea shanty.

Posted by: katie at September 11, 2007 01:38 AM

I have listened! But not for a while and now I can't remember any of the songs. I just unearthed my CD binder last weekend when I finally fucking unpacked my room -- not only had I not seen my CDs since I moved here, I hadn't seen them since I moved out of Kingman and possibly not before that either. I was impressed by how many totally unfamiliar albums I now get to discover.

But I remember liking it in all of its vaguely Italian-titled glory. Of course I liked it. It's the robot armies of Satan in a series of cheery death waltzes. What's not to like?

Posted by: Dianna at September 11, 2007 05:24 PM