March 11, 2005

They must hire specialists for this.

Good morning, Perky Receptionist here.
-Good morning, Perky Receptionist. I'm Argumentative Guy from Overnight Delivery Service.
Oh, hi, Argumentative Guy. Have you figured out what's going on with my package that didn't get picked up yesterday?
-Well, Perky, I'm looking at the entry in our computer system and it looks like that pickup wasn't scheduled for yesterday.
Oh, actually, it was. I called at 4:00 and asked for it to be picked up by 5:15.
-No, as a matter of fact it looks like that pickup is scheduled for this morning between 9:00 and 11:00.
Argumentative Guy, I think I know how that happened. I spoke to one of your customer service people just a few minutes ago and she apologized and told me she'd reschedule the pickup for this morning.
-Nope, Perky, this is definitely the original pickup record that I'm looking at. You called yesterday afternoon and asked for the package to be picked up this morning.
I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done that even if I wanted, Argumentative Guy, since your company doesn't normally schedule pickups before noon.
-Well, Perky, I'm definitely seeing what I'm seeing in our records. I really don't know why you've got a totally different story here.
Look, instead of arguing, can I just get my package picked up as soon as possible?
-Argue? I'd never argue with you. I'm here to help.

Posted by dianna at March 11, 2005 10:10 AM

wow..i have soooooo had that conversation before with my delivery guys...oh the joys of working in an office.

Posted by: adrienne at March 11, 2005 10:42 AM

I'd like to take their training class. It apparently involves learning how to blatantly lie and contradict yourself with no shame, which is a skill that I presently lack.

Posted by: Dianna at March 11, 2005 10:48 AM

i too like that apparently useful skill. but i did take a manipulation skills seminar and that has aided me in my ability to make them admit they have been WRONG and that it was all their fault to begin with. small victory every once in awhile.

Posted by: adrienne at March 11, 2005 10:56 AM